Code of Conduct:

Participant and Volunteer Responsibilities

Our mission is to provide a professional theater experience for all students at SSM. To help ensure the experience is a positive one for everyone involved, we ask that students, his or her parents or guardians make themselves aware of and agree to the following:


  1. Respect for fellow students and directors and parent volunteers. Students will:
    • Attend all rehearsals and performances unless there is an emergency or prior arrangements have been made with, and permission given by the director. Any conflicts known at the beginning of the rehearsal period must be given to director for approval no later than the student’s third rehearsal.
    • Show respect for fellow students and directors, and parent volunteers at all times.
  2. Respect for the Theater environment and facilities. Students will:
    • Keep all areas of the school clean and neat. Everyone is responsible for their personal garbage and restoring rooms to their original order.
    • Remain only in assigned areas of the school.
    • Consume only water while at rehearsals.
    • While in the classrooms or library, all items, books, materials, and all teacher’s and school property, are not to be touched or moved in any way.
  3. Respect for personal safety. Student s will:
    • Always be under the supervision of a director or designated adult.
    • Enter and exit through the east gym doors
    • Wait in your designated rehearsal space until your parent or guardian has checked you out with the parent volunteer.


Parents or guardians will:

  1. Make sure that arrangements have been made for transportation and that the student and parent volunteer are aware of the arrangements.
  2. Make sure that students are picked up and dropped off in a timely manner.
  3. Enter the East gym doors to pick up students following rehearsals and performances.
  4. Notify the Director prior to a rehearsal or performance in the event of an emergency or illness.
  5. Show respect for other students, other parents, and staff members.


Staff members will:

  1. Be responsible for providing a safe environment for all Theater activities.
  2. Provide supervision for students at all times during theater experience.
  3. Show respect for the students and parent volunteers.
  4. Communicate all necessary information concerning a Theater activity to parents and students.
  5. Follow the steps outlined in the contract below if a student’s behavior deems it necessary.

If a student chooses to behave in any way that would not respect a fellow student, directors or parent volunteers will follow this step by step procedure:

  1. Non-formal verbal warning - Any director may issue a non-formal verbal warning. This type of warning usually consists of an on the spot request to alter the current inappropriate behavior.
  2. Formal verbal warning - Any director may also issue a formal verbal warning. A formal verbal warning will be issued in conference with the student, the producers, and the director who issued the warning. The parents or guardians will be notified if a formal verbal warning has been issued.
  3. Written warning -A written warning may be issued after a student has been given a formal verbal warning, if the student’s behavior deems it necessary. A written warning will be issued in conference with, and signed by, all of the above named people.
  4. Dismissal - If a student continues to make inappropriate behavioral choices following the written warning, the student artist will be dismissed from the Musical. A verbal and written dismissal will be issued in conference with those members present at the written warning conference.
  5. Extreme circumstances - If the student’s behavior is extremely destructive or dangerous to themselves or others there is cause for immediate dismissal. The Director and/or the supervising staff member will arrange to meet immediately with the student and their parent or guardian. A written statement outlining reasons for the dismissal will be provided after the meeting.
  6. Chain of command- In an event where a parent will have a question or voice a concern or comment about a person involved in the musical or an issue, please contact the producers facilitating the program: Marina Brown or Katie Baumker. We will handle all issues. In the event we need to involve administrators of the school or parish, we will contact them.

Every parent is expected to volunteer a minimum of two hours and is encouraged to help more if possible. We realize that many parents work and the after school times are not always possible; we have opportunities during tech week, later in the evening and the nights of the performances to volunteer.

The program is successful because of the involvement of parents like you! If we do not have parents to volunteer for the rehearsals, we will have to cancel the rehearsal.

We also have opportunities to help with costumes, programs, tickets, set workshops, pictures, etc. If you are interested in helping out in any of these areas, please contact us. 

Parent volunteers during rehearsals are asked to encourage students to be respectful to the directors and others and to respect the rooms that we are using to practice in. If a student's behavior is disruptive to others and the behavior continues after a volunteer has asked the student to stop, please let us know. We do ask that if a student or students need to leave the stage/music room that a volunteer walks with the student to the restroom/water fountain and waits outside or if the student or students need to go to KidZone, someone from KidZone will come to the rehearsal to bring the student(s) to KidZone.

*Parents and volunteers must be Safe Environment Trained. Visit the Archdiocese of Omaha website to find out more and to schedule your training or renewal. If you have questions about Safe Environment, please contact Angie Carnazzo at or (402) 861-4502.