St. Stephen Staff Spotlight

Throughout the year we will shine the spotlight on the amazing team that works with your children! After placing your guesses check your answers below…then be sure to click their name to view their entire profile.

October 7th Answers:

Which staff member…

    1. Was a USA Swimming Coach for 5 years?
      • Mrs. Ollerich
    2. Has nine grandchildren and spent 29 years teaching in a Catholic school prior to working at SSM?
    3. Has a sweet tooth for chocolate chip cookies?
    4. Likes to ice skate, ride bikes and camp?
    5. Won a hula hoop competition in second grade?
    6. Has worn many hats during her time in education, including music teacher, 5th & 6th-grade teacher, behavior interventionist, assistant principal and principal?
    7. Loves how much the kids want to be at school to learn and finds it extremely rewarding to know she is positively impacting a student’s life?

All staff profiles can be viewed from the webpage. New profiles are being added each day! Be sure to check them out and study up for the next St. Stephen Staff Spotlight quiz in the next Martyr Messenger.