Alumni Feature: Meghan Johnson, Class of 2000

Meghan’s Story:

“I have been married to my husband, Dylan, for 8 years. We live in the Chicago suburbs with our 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Maisie, and Pomeranian, Coco. I am a Client Development Program Manager for a global sustainable design and engineering consultancy. Outside of work, we keep busy with Maisie’s activities, love traveling, and support our sports teams. I didn’t think I could live any closer to our parish as I did to SSM growing up but our current parish is just one block from our home!

My class was the last “one class” classroom to graduate (everyone in grades below us had multiple classrooms) and we had such fun, and special bonds amongst the class and with all of our teachers. While I loved all of my teachers and classes, one in particular (Mr. K!) formed my love for literature so much that I ended up choosing to double major at The University of Kansas just so that I could also get a BA in English Literature. Our daughter carries on my love for literature and it makes me so happy!”

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