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Mrs. Carrie Gentile (3-Day, AM & PM)
Mrs. Christy Labenz (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Kerrie Tabaka (5-Day, AM & PM)
Mrs. Chloe Sorensen (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Michelle Foster (TK)
Mrs. Ruth Ferrante (TK)
Mrs. Luiza Havlat (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Becci Neesen (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Ashley Roxburgh (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Ashley Hoff (KA)
Mrs. Abby Rezac (KB)
Miss Madison Schrage (KC)
Mrs. Barb Gracheck (Teacher Associate – KA)
Mrs. Paige Henderson (Teacher Associate – KB)
Mrs. Catherine Luth (Teacher Associate – KB)
Mrs. LouAnn Harral (Teacher Associate – KC)
Mrs. Rose Fitch (1A)
Mrs. Nowell Heidrick (1B)
Mrs. Catherine Keller (1C)
Mrs. Kelsi Lind (Teacher Associate – 1A)
Mrs. Melinda Danigole (Teacher Associate – 1B)
Mrs. Shelia Bonner (Teacher Associate – 1C)
Mrs. Shalane Hammerle (Teacher Associate – 1C)
Mrs. Mary Gill (2A)
Mrs. Sarah O’Leary (2B)
Mrs. Dawn Schweers (2C)
Mrs. Cherie Costanzo (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Barb Hartz (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Jenny Kovar (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Sarah Mancilla (3A)
Mrs. Angie Lowry (3B)
Mrs. Caroline Niehaus (3C)
Tina Cockerill (Teacher Associate)
Mrs. Mandie Lohr (Teacher Associate)