Parking, Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Morning Drop Off (7:40 - 8 a.m.)

See the below map for traffic routes. 

On the North side the left lane is for parking parents - this is the best option for those walking their child to the building. All students and parents should use the crosswalks to cross to the school. 
The right lane leads to the drop-off lane. Be sure to pull up all the way behind the car ahead of you, and proceed east until cars stop. Students should be let out on the right side of the vehicle.
  • K-8 Students may enter the building starting at 7:40 a.m. 
  • Early Childhood students may enter the portables starting at 7:50 a.m.
  • Students will enter the building through the closest door to their classroom (see below).
  • Students with siblings in multiple grades will enter together through the door of the youngest child.
  • Carpools may enter through the door of the youngest child 
  • Parents may walk their children to the door but may not enter the building (staff will be in the doorways to assist and welcome students).
  • Staff will be on duty to help guide traffic.

Entrance Locations

  • North Door: K, 1st, 4th grades
  • East Door: 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th (pull further up on North side drop off lane)
  • South Door: 2nd, 5th (students with siblings in the portables will also enter the south door)

Afternoon Pick Up

  • Students will be dismissed in waves (see below dismissal times).
  • Safety Patrol & staff will be on duty.
  • Students will leave through the same doors they entered in the morning.
  • Carpools will dismiss together (please communicate with your student(s) AND teachers if you are in a carpool so they know when and where to dismiss).
  • Park in the lot nearest to your door.
  • Parents may wait by the doors but not enter the building.
  • Students who need to stay after school will remain in their homerooms until the final group is dismissed, then travel to the scheduled room on campus (please communicate with your child and teacher(s) for their pickup time).
  • At pick-up, parents should not park on “S” street in front of the school (west of 166th Circle). It is dangerous for our students to cross in front of the hill as cars are leaving the North parking lot. To help with this rerouting, we have opened the East Parking Lot for pick-up ONLY. Parents can begin parking in the East lot at 3 p.m. We appreciate your cooperation with this.  

Dismissal Times (Full Day)

  • 3:10 KidZone, TK & afternoon preschool/PreK classes
  • 3:15 Last names R-Z
  • 3:20 Last names A-H
  • 3:25 Last names I-Q

Dismissal Times (Noon Dismissal)

  • 11:45 KidZone and TK
  • 11:50 Last names R-Z
  • 11:55 Last names A-H
  • 12:00 Last names I-Q