Meet Mrs. Sarah Mancilla

We asked our teachers & staff a few questions so that you can get to know them better!

What is your role at St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic School?
3rd Grade Teacher

What year did you start working at St. Stephen?

Tell us about your education background & about your teaching/work experience.
I realized I wanted to be an educator when I was working towards a degree in Theater. One class required teaching theater to the community. I was assigned to teach at a Boys and Girls Club working with 3rd-5th graders. After that year I changed my major to Elementary Education. I graduated from UNO in 2007 with my BA in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Early Childhood Education. I taught at a specialized school for reading and math intervention for many years. Although I loved working with struggling students, I felt something missing. GOD. I knew I needed to find a school that aligned with my faith. I am so blessed to have found SSM.

What do you love about your job?
I love building new relationships with my students. Every year I learn so much from my students and their interests.

Who is your favorite Saint or what is your favorite scripture?
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Phil 4:13

Tell us about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren, pets, etc.):
My husband and I have been married for six years. We have had 3 children together. Talia will be 1 on September 22, Dante will be 5 on September 15, and Dominic would have turned 9 on August 25th. Dominic was born with a heart defect called HLHS. We were blessed to have him with us for 5 months before entered heaven.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an actress when I was young. In fact, I was a theater major for many years before I felt the calling to be a teacher.

What is your favorite sweet treat?
I love salted caramel with dark chocolate.

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?
I don't know about hidden talents, but I would do very well in Disney trivia (Marvel, DC, and Star Wars as well).

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
I enjoy spending time with my family. We like to play games, go to the park, and watch shows. When the kids are at grandma's, my husband and I will often catch a movie or go ax throwing.

What piece of advice would you give parents to help their child(ren) succeed at St. Stephen?
Always be your child's cheerleader and advocate. I hope we are able to work together as a team to build your child to his/her greatest potential.