Alumni Feature: Katie Tessari, Class of 2004

Katie’s Story:

“I attended St. Stephen’s Kindergarten-8th grade and I am currently the Librarian/Media Specialist in the same library I listened to stories in so many years ago. I started my teaching career in 1st grade at St. Bernard’s, then moved to Reading Intervention, finally, I added Library and Academic Coordinator to that role. During my first year back at SSM I got to teach 3rd grade with my 3rd-grade teacher, Mrs. Vamosi. My parents are founding members of the parish and I was part of the parish for almost 30 years before getting married, moving, and joining a new parish.

When I was in Kindergarten, it was only half-day! My Kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Klein) had a son who became a famous actor. I remember when the gym was built. Before the gym, we had PE in the cafeteria or in the entryway of the school. The playground was also added while I was a student here. I loved the Book Fairs (and still do!), they were some of the best times of the year. But I now understand why Mrs. Knobbe might have been a little stressed out those weeks… I was in the last 8th-grade group with only two classes to graduate. After my year there were 3 of every grade level. Crispito Day in the cafeteria was the best day, especially if you were on lunch duty and could have doubles!

Attending SSM was a positive experience in my life. I obviously didn’t hate it since I came back 14 years later to teach here! After all my years of receiving a Catholic education, I can’t imagine not teaching in a Catholic school and giving students the same faith-filled foundation I received. I hope that I can inspire the same love of reading and imagination in my students that some of my teachers did for me.”

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