Monthly Saint Character Award

The Monthly Saint Character Award is a monthly award program to recognize the efforts and achievements of our students. Recognition of the Monthly Saint Character Award encourages our students to model their lives around the teachings of the Catholic Church and exhibit values of hard work, respect, safety, kindness, leadership, and responsibility. We have many extraordinary students who deserve to be recognized for all the great things they do every day.

At the beginning of each month, we will introduce & discuss our “Saint of the Month” in the morning announcements. Saints, listed below, were selected based on the month of their Feast Day. Classroom teachers are encouraged to focus on this saint in their classrooms and recognize the character/behaviors that would be exhibited by that saint. On the last Monday of the month, teachers will select one student from their class to be recognized for exhibiting the traits of the saint and the student will be acknowledged on the announcements, get their picture taken, and earn a certificate from the office on the last day of the month.

September – St. Teresa of Calcutta – Feast Day: September 5th
  • Saint Info: St. Teresa of Calcutta is well-known and well-loved for her burning passion for the poorest of the poor. Many admired her for her charity work and her heart for serving others.
  • Award: Given to students who pride themselves on serving others and following the PRAY model.

October – St. Therese of Lisieux – Feast Day: October 1st

  • Saint Info: St. Terese approached holiness in small ways and was very kind. 
  • Award: Given to students who reflect Jesus in small ways through their actions and showing kindness towards others.

November – St. Cecilia – Feast Day: November 22nd

  • Saint Info: During her wedding, Cecilia sat and sang to God in her heart. Thus, she was declared to be the patron of musicians. Her virtues include faith, hope and charity. St. Cecilia always acted out of love.
  • Award: Given to students who show love to others.

December – St. Stephen the Martyr – Feast Day: December 26th

  • Saint Info: St. Stephen was a man filled with grace and power. In his final moments, St. Stephen displayed great forgiveness and asked God not to hold the sins of his attackers against them. Hundreds of years after his death, he is still a role model for us to follow.
  • Award: Given to students who show mercy and patience for others.

January – St. Thomas Aquinas – Feast Day: January 28th

  • Saint Info: St. Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican friar, and an influential philosopher and theologian. Today he is regarded as one of the doctors of the church.
  • Award: Given to students who model their life around the teachings of the Church and exhibit respect towards God, self, and others.

February – St. Brigid of Kildare – Feast Day: February 1st

  • Saint Info: St. Brigid is credited as being Ireland’s first nun, founding several monasteries, being generous and compassionate, and a peace-maker.
  • Award: Given to students who model their life around the teachings of the Church and exhibit respect towards God, self, and others.

March – St. Patrick – Feast Day: March 17th

  • Saint Info: St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland.
  • Award: Given to students who daily bring Christianity to St. Stephen the Martyr through leadership and a strong vision of what they want to achieve.

April – St. Catherine of Siena – Feast Day: April 29th

  • Saint Info: St. Catherine is known for her holiness. “To the servant of God…every place is the right place, and every time is the right time.”
  • Award: Given to students who consistently make good choices.

May – St. Joseph the Worker – Feast Day: May 1st

  • Saint Info: St. Joseph was a man of deep faith. He was open to receiving messages from God in dreams and was dedicated to doing God’s will.
  • Award: Given to students for being hard-working.