School Supplies Purchasing Options:

School Supplies Packs

School Supply Packs ordered through Educational Products, Inc. (EPI) are delivered directly to the school and placed in your child's classroom before Back to School Night. To order your student's EPI Supply pack visit and enter school code STS021. Be sure to order for your child's 2022/2023 grade level. The order deadline was extended and is now July 4, 2022.

Traditional Method - Purchase School Supplies Using Provided Lists Below

2022/2023 School Supply Lists 

Fulfilling Your Copy Paper Supply Requirement

We ask students to provide copy paper for school use throughout the year. There are three ways you can fulfill this requirement:

  1. Add it as an add-on item when you purchase your school supply pack through EPI.
  2. Add a $10 "copy paper" donation when you complete your electronic SSM Home & School Association dues payment form in August. Your donation will go directly to the school copy room so staff members can order as needed.
  3. Purchase the reams of paper on your own and bring them with the rest of your student(s) supplies on Back to School Night.

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