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April 2024 Honorees:

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The Boden Reischl Artist of the Month

Learn more about the history of the program.

When St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic School was established in 1992, it did not have an art teacher or an art education program. To help our elementary teachers supplement the art curriculum, the ‘Masterpiece Art Program’ was introduced. Parent volunteers helped this program to succeed, exposing students to various artists through quarterly lessons.

In 2011, St. Stephen the Martyr won a $50,000 grant from US Cellular’s “Calling All Communities” contest. A part-time art teacher was hired and funded through this grant. Each year following, funds were raised to maintain the art teacher and program until the school could permanently fund and staff the program. With a professional art instructor at the school, our students’ curriculum was enhanced and our hallways were lined with their exceptional works. It was decided that the hallway outside of the gymnasium would become an ‘Artist Gallery’ and each of our teachers began selecting one of their students each month to be featured in the display cabinets. Today, our St. Stephen the Martyr Home & School Association parent volunteers continue to monthly gather the art from the teachers, photograph the artists, and hang the art in the display cases. The art is now also featured on this webpage.

In the spring of 2022, to honor and remember Boden Reischl, a St. Stephen 5th-grader and gifted artist who passed away suddenly in the spring of 2021, the Artist of the Month program was renamed, The Boden Reischl Artist of the Month. On April 27, 2022, Boden’s second heavenly birthday, Mrs. Julie Perrault, principal, dedicated the program, and Fr. Dave Belt blessed the plaque that now hangs in the Artist Gallery. Learn more about Boden and his life-giving legacy below.

Boden Joseph Reischl

April 27, 2009 - April 14, 2021

Boden Joseph Reischl was born on April 27, 2009, and left this earth on April 14, 2021, due to an unexpected, severe medical event. Boden is the son of Chad and Inga Reischl, and brother to Mya, Riley, and Olivia. He was a 5th-grade student at St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic School. Boden was a cherished son to his parents, a very special grandson, an amazing brother, a sweet nephew, a loving cousin, and a loyal friend to everyone.

Boden was known as a kind-hearted boy, who loved spending time with his siblings. When not playing video games, you would find him playing basketball or softball with his big sister. He loved playing with Legos or stuffed animals with his little brother, or even playing Barbies with his little sister. His family describes him as an “old soul”. Boden had the biggest heart and was a very protective brother. He was a loyal friend and valued his best friends most of all. He made a lasting impression on everyone he met. Boden was proud to be called a nerd because he enjoyed Pokémon, was an avid reader, a straight-A student, organized and methodical. He always loved making scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancakes. Boden was a jokester that most would call funny because of his quick wit and timing. He was extremely creative and a talented artist (view his art below). Often, you could find him illustrating Pokémon books with Riley.

Boden was a special person, and his family always knew he would make the world a better place – they just didn’t know his life’s impact would be felt at such a young age. Boden became the ULTIMATE HERO when he answered the prayers of others through organ donation. Learn more about Boden’s lasting legacy, organ donation, and Donate Life below.

Remembering Boden

Boden's Teachers Reflect:

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Mrs. Rose Fitch
Boden's 1st Grade Teacher

"When I ponder my time with Boden, what comes to mind with the most clarity is his creativity. His drawings and characters poured out of him so easily.

I was always worried about his hearing. Even though Boden excelled in the visual arts, I wanted him to know what treasures music held, as well. I was so grateful we could have a field trip to listen to the Omaha Symphony because I didn't know if he would be able to hear them by the time he could purchase tickets for himself. That was the most important field trip of my life. Of course, now Boden is listening to the choirs of angels, and we don't have anything that can compare to that down here.

Boden was a standout among his classmates, and he was recognized for his exemplary behavior with the Christian Spirit Award.

I've heard it said that people are given the opportunity to increase their holiness in heaven. We know of famous saints who intercede for. people on earth. Now that Boden has become the patron saint of your family, I'm sure he's more than eager to intercede for your needs. I may ask him for help now & then, too.

Boden has such a gift for creativity...I can't help but wonder if he has a little corner of heaven that he gets to design & decorate. Maybe the Boden Reischl Artist of the Month Gallery is part of his call to greater holiness. Saints often try to communicate inspiration and encouragement to those here on earth. Perhaps Boden will whisper creative suggestions to the hearts and minds of students still on their earthly journey. And maybe even a few adults?"

Mrs. Tricia Figura
Boden's 3rd Grade Teacher

"Hmm, when I think of Boden I’m not really sure where to begin. Do I begin with that cute little blondie that showed up in my third-grade classroom three years ago? Back to school night meeting him. I mean he was Mya’s little brother so I knew the family, but you can never judge a child by his siblings. Boden wandered around the room quietly checking out the other name tags of his classmates when slowly a slight grin on his face appeared. The grin got bigger as he walked around the desks.

Little did I know that I had my work cut out for me with the 3 musketeers in my class. Yes, Boden and his two best buddies Jrake and Landon… These 3 were inseparable from day one. The thing is these 3 had it down. They knew exactly when to mess around and when to behave. And when they messed around it was hard to keep a straight face because Boden always had some quick joke or sly remark to add. Of course with those cute little eyes smiling at me through those big glasses, it got me every time.

Boden was this quiet little soul that read continuously throughout the day, even while I taught. In fact, I’m pretty sure half the time he was unaware of my teaching but he was so stinking smart that I could call on him and he nonchalantly answered my questions and went back to reading. If he wasn’t reading he’d be drawing. Always drawing pics and making books. He always beat to his own drum. Just a silent soul easily entertained with his books and drawings.

I remember the Monday morning I was told about Boden being taken to the hospital. I was in complete shock and I remember saying “No, this can’t happen!” That day I spent a lot of time in the adoration chapel with Jesus and asking lots of questions. After a while, I felt an overwhelming calm and I knew that Boden was sent here by God and in 11 short years he had done exactly what God had wanted him to. I had this vision of Mary holding Boden and I knew he would be taken care of. Chad, Inga, and the other kids would be fine too. God had a plan and we were so lucky at St. Stephens to all get to participate in it.

I want to thank the Reischls for sharing Boden with me. I will always remember him."

Mrs. Jamie Christiansen
Boden's 4th Grade Teacher

"Boden played a big part in making our 4th-grade class an amazing place to be. That year, Boden was selected for the Christian Spirit Award because of how he treated others with kindness and was a genuine friend to all. Boden had the knack for working well with anyone in all situations.

Also, Boden had a generous spirit in which he shared his gift of creativity and art with his classmates. Often, during art projects, Boden and his classmates would discuss and share tips. His humble example also encouraged others to be passionate about art and produce their best work. It was a great joy and privilege to be able to have Boden in class."

Miss Jen Freeman
Boden's 5th Grade Teacher

"I was so fortunate to have Boden in my 5th-grade class. I will always feel blessed to have had the chance to really get to know him. Boden had a smile on his face all the time. He was positive and genuinely kind to everyone. He had a great sense of humor and was extremely witty. He was the kid who “got” things when other students would not. Boden was also an avid reader. We had
many conversations about Harry Potter and other books he was reading (which usually was a new book every week). Whenever we had a few extra minutes, Boden would read or draw. He was an exceptional artist.

I remember on the first day of school, we did a name activity where the students wrote their names and decorated their name tags that were then to be placed on the front of their desks. Boden took his time, and I remember telling him to “speed it up” because I wanted to tape them to their desk. In the end, I was okay with Boden taking his time, because, on that first day, I quickly realized, “Wow! Boden is an amazing artist!” The details on his name and picture were incredible. He was extremely creative and always gave attention to detail.

I also remember the last day I saw him. I specifically remember him taking a really long time packing up that afternoon. I told him, “Hurry up. It’s Friday. Don’t you want to go home?” Boden replied back, “Okay Miss Freeman, but I just have to make sure I have everything I need for the weekend.” As it turned out, Boden had to make sure he had his drawing books in his backpack. Other students would see his drawings and be in awe of his amazing talent. His love for art and his talent were very special.

It was a blessing to have Boden in my life for his 5th-grade year. He taught us to enjoy the little things in life, take time to be friendly to others, be kind, and ask for help if we need it. I will always cherish the time I had with him."

Boden's Artwork

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“Name Art”

“Drago Art”









“Line Art”

“Me” Artist of the Month – Kindergarten, 2015

“Birdhouse” Artist of the Month, 2nd Grade, 2017

“Line & Design” Artist of the Month, 3rd Grade, 2018

“Name Art” Artist of the Month, 5th Grade, 2020

Donate Life

Boden left a lasting legacy through organ donation. His donation helped 3 people, one of his recipients was cured of diabetes and is off dialysis because of Boden's multi-vascular donation.

There are more than 100,000 people on the national transplant waiting list waiting for a second chance at life. You can help! Register your decision to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor at RegisterMe.org or in your iPhone Health App.

Boden's Books

Another Way To Remember Boden!

Boden’s Books is a free neighborhood library. It is dedicated to honoring the life of Boden. Boden loved to read. The primary focus of Boden’s Books is to serve the reading needs of kids of all ages in our neighborhood